Urban Single Track Trails


PHASE 1 Urban Single Track Trail:

On October 20, 2016, the Pagosa Springs Town Council unanimously approved a motion to budget for the 2017 construction of the revised Phase 1 Urban Single Track Trail.  Tony Boone LLC, who was awarded the bid, has constructed an amazing multi loop trail system behind the High School.  It is currently closed due to trail damage and legal issues related to liability.  The Town of Pagosa Springs has hired Tony to fix the damaged section of trail, and to create a new connector route alignment at the request of the Archuleta School District.

We will publish the new maps as they become available.

DUST2, TOPS and the ASD have been in the process of drafting a Phase 1 maintenance agreement that defines the legal responsibilities of each partner.  This agreement will go to Town Council SEPTEMBER 5, and to the school board SEPTEMBER 12 in the High School Auditorium at 6:00pm.  Until this time, the trail will remain closed.









PHASE 2 Urban Single Track Trail:  

DUST 2 has hired Amy Sharp of Sparrow Trails to apply for a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Non-Motorized Trail grant. The goal of this grant is to hire Tony Boone to lead construction of Phase II trails, to hire Triston Richardson to assist Tony Boone on Phase II trail construction, and to supply signs and tools.

The DUST2 organization proposes to partner with Sparrow Trails, the Town of Pagosa Springs and the Archuleta County to plan, construct, and maintain a single track trail connecting Yamaguchi Park to Reservoir Hill Trail network with a connector trail and trail improvements on Reservoir Hill. The proposed Phase 2 alignment and trail descriptions can be found here.

The proposal is also about the continued long term commitment and relationship between the Town and DUST2.

Because Reservoir Hill trails are a key component in the County’s Parks, Recreation, Open Spaces and Trails (PROST) master plan, DUST2 has sought to partner with the County on Phase 2.  Through the PROST application process, DUST2 has requested a 30% grant match from the County.

The PROST commission has recommended the DUST2 funding request to the Board Of County Commissioners (BOCC). In a preliminary meeting with the The BOCC, the BOCC asked that DUST2 raise funds and come back to renegotiate our funding request in September.

Below is a super sweet, information-packed Phase 2 fundraising package.

We are grateful for any and all support and will keep you updated on our progress!









Donations made to DUST2’s Urban Single Track Trails have thier own identifier in PayPal and will be earmarked accordingly in our budget to be used only for the development and improvement of our Urban Single Track Trail Initiative. If you would like to specify further, DUST2 will use your funds only for your specific request.

Unless otherwise specified, all donations to DUST2 will go into our “general donation” fund to be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


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