On October 20, 2016, the Pagosa Springs Town Council unanimously approved a motion to budget for the 2017 construction of the Phase 1 Urban Single Track Trail.  Tony Boone LLC, who was awarded the bid, has constructed an amazing multi loop trail system behind the High School.

Check it out!


Actual Map courtesy of Amanda Gadomski
Tony Boone Concept Map













  • 2018: Thanks to the steadfast support from our many donors, The Archuleta County Commissioners, the Town of Pagosa Springs, we were able to complete construction of Phase 2 trails on Reservoir Hill. Phase 2 trails successfully link Yamaguchi Park to Reservoir Hill via single track and existing multi-use trail downtown and adding some super sweet new trail on Res Hill! In addition to this, DUST2 was awarded a youth corp award to hire a youth team from the Southwest Conservation Corps for a week of trail maintenance on Phase 1.
  • 2019: In partnership with the Town of Pagosa Springs, DUST2 hired professional trail builder, Trail Arts, to construct the proposed Phase 2b trails on Reservoir Hill. In addition to this the TOPS and DUST2 were awarded a GOCO youth corps grant to help with Phase 1 and 2 trail construction and maintenance.
  • 2020: We have assembled a sign plan and mapping team who will work to create a DUST2 trail map database and sing plan. Our goal is to add all area trail networks to this database that we can maintain and update area trail maps. We will post an up to date map of Res Hill soon.


  • 2020: DUST2 is partnering with thePagosa Ranger District (PRD) to take necessary steps to draft a Jackson Mountain trail system proposal to be submitted for consideration for adoption into the PRD in-network trail system and eventual construction of approved trail system. DUST2 will be taking lead on this project, and will take steps to collect input from motorized users and San Juan property owners association.

There are specific steps that must be taken in the process of creating a proposal for in-system recognition of trail on Forest Service land: Planning, Assessment, Signed Decision, Implement

1. Planning
Inventory all existing trails and roads on Jackson Mountain.
Meet with motorized user groups to discuss proposal, action plan, partnership agreement.
Overlay logging routes for impact on inventoried trails to determine how logging routes may be useful to proposed trail, specifically: New trail routes, re-routes, connectivity.
2. Assessment
Secure a professional NEPA assessment on impacts and opportunities of proposed trail system. Secure public comment and internal input on proposed trail system.
4. Draft decision for public comment
Signed decision
5. Implementation of plan (long term)

  • Funding: Trails Fundraising in 2020 will be for the purpose of developing a preliminary trail system concept and hiring a NEPA contractor for the environmental impact assessment. The NEPA must be done before a draft decisions can be signed. It is estimated that the fundraising goal is $75,000.00.
  • DUST2 has assembled a grant writing team to determine what grants are available to us, and our goals and strategy.
  • We are continuing to partner with the Town of Pagosa Springs on urban trail development, and this year want to concentrate our efforts on advocacy for the Town To Lakes Trail-specifically on Putt Hill.
  • We are drafting a proposal for Town Council to apply for Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze level status through the League of American Bicyclists. Check out the application here.

Donations made to DUST2 Trails have their own identifier in PayPal and will be earmarked accordingly in our budget to be used only for the development and improvement of our Urban Single Track Trail Initiative. If you would like to specify further, DUST2 will use your funds only for your specific request.

Unless otherwise specified, all donations to DUST2 will go into our “general donation” fund to be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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