Summer Preview Camp Registration

Summer Preview Day Camp: August 14-18th 9:00Am-1:00PM 

Ready for a fun-filled week of mountain biking? This week is designed to learn the basics, as well as challenge each student in mountain biking skills and leadership within their group. Participants will be placed in groups based upon ability. The first day will consist of skills and fun games that will help coaches place your child in the group that best fits and challenges them. There will be one day of trail maintenance so we can give back to all the great trails that we get to play on here in Pagosa!

We will specify where parents will need to pick up and drop off each day. Parents will need to transport kids’ bikes.
A day in the life:
8:45-9:00am Parent’s drop off kids
9:00-9:15am Group Overview of the day/Bike safety check
9:15-10:00am Skill of the day
10:00-12:45pm Ride bikes! (Within this time frame there will be water and snack breaks, as well as lunch. Also, students will learn basic maintenance practices while on the trail.)
12:45-1:00pm Group debrief
1:00pm Parent pick up
What Kids Need to Bring:
If your child doesn’t have a bike, please contact, to learn about discount rental options.        

 -A mountain bike that fits them.
-A bike helmet that fits them
-A backpack with:
a rain jacket or windbreaker (even though it is sunny in the morning doesn’t mean a storm can’t move in quickly)
two water bottles or a camelback full of water
a healthy snack and lunch (recommendations for food that holds up on the trail: (sandwiches, granola or energy/protein bars, apples, oranges, nuts, string cheese, carrots, hummus, pretzels, jerky, dried fruit, cold pizza, burritos) PLEASE DO NOT PACK: soda, caffeinated beverages or high sugar snacks.
Closed Toed shoes
Weather appropriate clothing
Bike gloves (optional)


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