Middle School Summer Cycling Program

Middle School Summer Cycling Program 

2020 date TBD

Cost: $150 


This week-long program will give your student the opportunity to learn new skills, gain confidence on their bike, and be challenged to try new things. They will learn how to make good decisions on the trail and how to be a responsible trail user. We will also be doing trail work at Turkey Springs to give back to the trails that we use!

Students will be placed in groups based on their ability levels.


Students will be dropped off and picked up by parents at the planned meeting location for that day.


Monday- Meet at Yamaguchi Park. Students will be riding at Yamaguchi, Dakota Springs and/or Reservoir Hill.

Tuesday- Meet at Cloman Park.

Wednesday- Meet at Turkey Springs, exact location TBD. This is our trail work day! Students need to wear long pants, gloves and closed toed shoes. Also, be ready to ride for part of the day if we get our project finished.

Thursday- Meet at Turkey Springs, exact location TBD. This is our long ride day!

Friday- Meet at Yamaguchi Park. Students will get to choose their ride on Reservoir Hill and/or Dakota Springs.

What Kids Need to Bring:
If your student doesn’t have a bike, please contact janine@pagosamountainsports.com, to learn about discount rental options.

  • A mountain bike that fits them
  • A bike helmet that fits them
  • A backpack with:
    -a rain jacket or windbreaker (even though it is sunny in the morning doesn’t mean a storm can’t move in quickly)
    -two water bottles or a camelback full of water
  • A sack lunch that they will carry with them in their backpack
  • A healthy snack (recommendations for food that holds up on the trail: granola or energy/protein bars, apples, oranges, nuts, string cheese, carrots, hummus, pretzels, jerky, dried fruit) PLEASE DO NOT PACK: soda, caffeinated beverages or high sugar snacks. Any caffeine is prohibited during practices and races. 
  • A bike tube that fits your student’s bike
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed Toed shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Bike gloves (optional)
  • Sunglasses (optional)

Scholarships are available. Please apply for scholarship before completing the registration. 

Registration Opens May 1

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