Board Nominations

Thank you to all who have sent nominations for our elections, we are grateful for your willingness to help further the mission and vision of DUST2.

We are still in need of one more board member, and would love to have representation for the road biking community on our board.

Annie Sewell:

My name is Annie Sewell and I would like to run for re-election for my position as President on the DUST2 board.

I co-founded DUST2 in 2015 and have served as President of the board for four years. Through the vehicle of the DUST2 non-profit I have:

  1. Developed and maintained key relationships with the Town of Pagosa Springs, the Archuleta School District, the County, and the local Forest Service District.
  2. Developed several project proposals which were adopted and funded by our partners
  3. Worked with partner organizations to coordinate and execute four large-scale trail construction projects.
  4. Helped to negotiate and navigate a successful trail development relationship with our Forest Service District.
  5. Coordinated and managed four middle and high school trail work crews and two youth corps trail work crews.

I am excited about being a part of the continued growth and development of the cycling community in Pagosa Springs, and the steps that we will be taking as we implement the mission and vision of our strategic plan.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Ron Houston:

I would like to submit my nomination for re-election for my position as Secretary on the Dust2 Board. I have been on the board for two years now and I would like to continue to serve Dust2 and the local biking community in the best way that I can.

Andrew Guinn

Hi! I am interested in running for re-election for my position on the DUST2 Board. I have served on the DUST2 board as treasurer since December 2017. My experience with the organization, budgeting skills, and passion for cycling make me an ideal candidate to continue.

Examples of my work:
1. Revising the Phase 2 budget and communicating with local donors to maintain their support after receiving the Colorado Parks and Wildlife grant, allowing DUST2 to build core elements of the Reservoir Hill trails even lacking CPW funding.
2. Helping grow the youth mountain biking team to 25+ riders as a coach.
Exploring new fundraising strategies that provide passive income such as Amazon Smile and 1% donations.
3. Jumping into the river for the Penguin Plunge fundraiser.
Over 95% attendance at board meetings.

I am also proud to have converted our budgeting system from QuickBooks to a customized spreadsheet. This system saves us money, clarifies areas where we are under or over budget, and streamlines the budgeting process.

I am excited about the direction of the organization after merging with the Wheel Club; it has grown our cycling community, and adds to DUST2’s scope. I am enthusiastic about new opportunities to build mountain biking trails, grow our youth team, and incorporate road and gravel projects into our organization’s focus.

Lance Thornton

Hello, my name is Lance Thornton and I would like to be considered for a position on the Dust2 board of directors.
Cycling has become a lifestyle for my family and I. One of Melissa’s and I first dates was a sprint adventure race that included mountain biking, kayaking and trail running.

I have been a sponsored athlete on competitive teams in both mountain biking and adventure racing throughout the years and continue to compete in endurance competitions.
In 2013 I helped form the HBLT (Hudson Bend / Lake Travis) cycling team that combined both middle schools to feed the Lake Travis High School Mountain Bike team. I spent 2 years on the board and as a coach.
In 2015, I changed school districts and founded the Dripping Springs Mountain Bike Team coaching kids from elementary through high school and creating a board of directors to run this non profit organization. We had 4 very successful racing seasons with 3 state champions, 1 state championship and over 12 miles of new trail built in the community.
My family has recently moved to Pagosa Springs where Melissa and I have joined Dust2 and spent this season helping with the team and watching our son Carter compete as a freshman rider. I truly enjoy the cycling community and look forward to helping to find ways to build and improve this community in Pagosa Springs.

Thank you for your consideration.

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