National Trails Day Event: Armor Amore PHOTOS and THANK YOU!

A HUGE thank you full of big gratitude to all who came out to our National Trails Day armored crossing event with Tony Boone! Together we knocked it out of the park with the installation of THREE armored crossings on the Dakota Springs Trail! And to top it all off, we enjoyed the most lovely and amazing dinner and beers on the river side patio at Riff Raff on the RIo! Make sure to hit the trail and try out the new crossings and then ride over for a pint at Riff Raff on The Rio! Our deepest gratitude to: Riff Raff on the RIo, Chantelle Jordan, Patrick Sewell, Giles Sowerby, Janine Emmets, Richard Georgianna Guimond, and to our good friend, teacher-mentor, comedian and insanely talented trail builder, Tony Boone. Thank you for a really great day!

Check out the day’s photos HERE














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