SCC Youth Trail Crew Helps DUST2 Maintain Dakota Springs Trail

The Dakota Springs Trail located behind the High School just received four more armored crossings thanks to the generosity and vision of the Southwest Conservation Corp (SCC) and the La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) Round Up Foundation.
On Monday, July 16, an eight-student youth crew arrived at the High School for a site visit to the Dakota Springs trail to meet and line out the work that DUST2 needed to be done in the next four days. After a brief walk-through, the eight-student crew, led by energetic and seasoned leaders, Jaime Blatter and Celine Simmons, set up camp and began the arduous task of gathering rocks to be used in each crossing.
In the next three days, I had the pleasure of working with this lively, hard-working and diverse youth crew digging out large swaths of hard clay and meticulously fitting large rocks as tightly as possible into each swath while maintaining the original trail’s slope to ensure proper drainage. The kids worked hard, did not need much oversight and once they understood the concept and scope of work, they embraced the project and made it their own. By day four, the crew had installed four large, truly beautiful crossings; a project that would take several more seasons to complete without them.
DUST2 could not have hired a youth trail crew if it were not for the generosity of the LPEA Round Up Foundation grant award, and the SCC working with us to accommodate our limited budget. We are truly grateful for the investments each of these organizations has made in us, and are excited to show such a valuable return on those investments; returns that benefit all trail users in Pagosa Springs.


Urban Single Track Trail Phase 2 is a “GO”!

In May 2017, DUST 2 hired Amy Sharp of Sparrow Trails to apply for a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Non-Motorized Trail grant. The goal of this grant was to hire Tony Boone to lead construction of Phase II trails, connecting Yamaguchi Park to Reservoir Hill Trail network, with the construction of eight additional trails on Reservoir Hill.  These monies would also be used to supply signs and tools for the project.  The Phase 2 proposal, unanimously approved by the Pagosa Springs Town Council, was also about maintaining our long-term commitment and relationship with the Town.

In February 2018, DUST2 was informed that the project had not been recommended for funding by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Grant Review Committee.  While disappointed, we were determined to move forward with a scaled-down version of the Phase 2 project.  The board of directors held a special meeting to determine next steps and develop a revised Phase 2 plan and budget.  With the Town of Pagosa Springs (TOPS) agreeing to allow DUST2 the use of the trail easements and in-kind donations that we had requested for the CPW grant, we were able to revise the project so that the community would still get the core elements of the original Phase 2 proposal without the CPW funds. Our updated budget goal was $30,000 that we would be requesting from the following sources: $20,000 from Archuleta County $5000 from the Pagosa Area Tourism Board (PATB) $5000 in private donations from individuals and businesses.  With the easements and in-kind donations from TOPS in addition to the contributions above, DUST2 will be able to:

  • Contract with a professional trail builder
  • Construct the first half of the proposed 2.2 miles of professionally engineered single track trail on Res Hill with connector route to Phase 1.
  • Continue development of the second half of Phase 2 trails on Reservoir Hill.

To date, the Board Of County Commissioners, in a 2:1 vote, agreed to allocate $15,000.00 from Conservation Trust Funds for the construction of our revised Phase 2 project.  In addition to this, the Pagosa Area Tourism Board, Pagosa Outside, Citizens Bank, The Richardson Family, Sherpa Real estate,  First Southwest Bank, Pagosa Mountian Sports, Wolf Creek Wheel Club and the Sewell Family, together donated $9600.00 in previous pledges, successfully funding our revised Phase 2 project.

Tony Boone has stated that he does want to contract with DUST2 to construct our Phase 2 trails and will be available late summer to early fall.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of our Phase 2 trail proposal is that local trail builder, Triston Richarson, will be leading construction of the Bronc Connector trail with help from local volunteers.

Amy Sharp has offered to re-write the grant pro-bono for submission in 2019.  We will be in discussions with Amy Sharp and the Town Of Pagosa Springs to develop a plan of action for 2019 construction.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support and will keep you updated as we progress

DUST2 Announces 2018 Small Grant Awards

It is with gratitude that DUST2 announces it is the recipient of three small grant awards in 2018.

The Ballantine Family Foundation generously awards small grants to many non-profits in South West Colorado, providing critical support not only for projects and programs but for general operating costs; often the most difficult budget items to fund.

We are truly grateful to the Ballantine Family Foundation for their vision to award grants to any nonprofit they felt would enhance life in Southwest Colorado.

The La Plata Electric Association Round Up Foundation is, as stated on their website, “a community service program organized through La Plata Electric Association, Inc. and funded by LPEA members. It derives its funding when members sign-up to “round-up” their electric bills each month to the next higher dollar. Many cooperatives across the country have formed similar foundations to facilitate a way for the co-op and its members to support deserving friends and neighbors in need.”

DUST2 applied for partial funds to hire an SCC trail crew to provide much-needed trail maintenance.  The LPEA Round Up Foundation fully funded our request.  We are waiting on one more grantor before we are able to hire the crew.

The Southwest Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado is truly a gem in the non-profit world.  Not only do they work to bring many funding sources to our area, but they provide education, networking, and promotion for the many non-profits that serve SW Colorado.  SW Community Foundation offers a wealth of information and resources eliminating many barriers to access for non-profit organizations experience when trying to access such valuable resources.  I truly love this foundation.

DUST2 has been notified that we were chosen to be one of the non-profit organizations to benefit from the 19th Hole Concert Series.  We will be hosting the San Juan Mountain Boys, Saturday, June 28 at the Pagosa Springs Golf Club.

It is truly an honor to be the recipients of such abundant generosity.  We are thrilled to partner with these donors and will work hard to fulfill our commitment not only to The Ballantine Family Foundation, the LPEA Round Up Foundation, and the SW Community Foundation but most of all to the community we love, Pagosa Springs.

With deepest gratitude,

DUST2 Board of Directors

Annie Sewell

Triston Richardson

Andy Guinn

Ron Houston

Janine Emmets

Chantelle Jordan

Carrie Weinckowski

DUST2 Youth Cycling Team 2018

DUST2 is excited to announce it’s 2018 youth cycling team season!  The team will look a little different this year, as we will be adding a Pagosa Springs High School team.

The High School Team will be competing in the Colorado Mountain Bike League, which is part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, NICA.  High school students will have teh opportunity to race against other high school students from across Colorado and New Mexico.

DUST2 will be offering a week-long summer program for 5th-8th grade students during the week of July 23-27, followed by the fall team program starting August 1 and running through October 18.  7th-12th graders will practice together and 9th-12th graders will be eligible to race with the Colorado League in four regular-season races starting at the end of August.  5th and 6th graders can may participate in a fall program tailored to younger athletes with a focus on skill-building and riding rather than racing.

More information can be found at

Registration opens May 1

FB Giving Tuesday: Your Donation Doubled

Click On Image for FB Campaign






2017 has been truly amazing for DUST2!

With the help of our supporters, we have seen the completion of the Dakota Springs Trail System, the start of Pagosa’s own youth cycling development team and have raised the funds needed to apply for a CPW grant for Phase 2 of our urban single track trail system!

Our goals for 2018 are:
-Join National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) to give our youth cycling team members the opportunity to compete.
-Begin construction of Phase 2 of our urban single track initiative connecting Yamaguchi Park to Reservoir Hill.
-Continue our Back Yard Races, cycling team and single track trail building work.

To support our work in 2018, we are joining Face Book’s #GivingTuesday, November 28, to get a jump start on our fundraising. Our goal is to raise the funds needed to cover our fixed expenses and general operating costs. These expenses include both organizational and team insurance, accounting and subscription fees, and coaches license’s and certifications.

All donations made to DUST2 on Giving Tuesday will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support–we couldn’t do it without you!


DUST2 Youth Cycling Team Begins

It’s been an action-packed week for the 12 young athletes who made up Pagosa Springs first ever non competitive youth cycling team mountain bike camp, running August 14 through August 18. Kids arrived every morning ready to learn and apply new bike skills; challenging and pushing comfort zones, gaining independence and learning how to be leaders all in the framework of a traditional team setting. For the DUST2 coaches, this week marked the culmination of long hours spent planning, fundraising, coordinating and even studying to make cycling available as an organized youth sport in Pagosa Springs.

The fall sessions, which start September 12 and run through October 11, will meet Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:45-6:00pm. This five week program will give your child the opportunity to work on bike skills, learn basic maintenance, and how to conduct themselves on the trail. The focus will be on a different skill each day, teaching students how to make good decisions while mountain biking, with one day dedicated to trail work to give back to Pagosa trails!

To register, apply for a scholarship, learn more or to support the work of DUST2, visit,

DUST2 launches Phase 2 Fundraiser

DUST2 would like to partner with the Archuleta County on Phase 2 as Reservoir Hill trails are a key component in the County’s Parks, Recreation, Open Spaces and Trails (PROST) master plan. Through the PROST application process, DUST2 has requested a 30% grant match from the County.

The PROST commission has recommended the DUST2 funding request to the Board Of County Commissioners (BOCC). In a preliminary meeting with the The BOCC, the BOCC asked that DUST2 raise funds and come back to renegotiate our funding request in September.

Below is a super sweet, information-packed Phase 2 fundraising package.

We are grateful for any and all support and will keep you updated on our progress!

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