SCC Youth Trail Crew Helps DUST2 Maintain Dakota Springs Trail

The Dakota Springs Trail located behind the High School just received four more armored crossings thanks to the generosity and vision of the Southwest Conservation Corp (SCC) and the La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) Round Up Foundation.
On Monday, July 16, an eight-student youth crew arrived at the High School for a site visit to the Dakota Springs trail to meet and line out the work that DUST2 needed to be done in the next four days. After a brief walk-through, the eight-student crew, led by energetic and seasoned leaders, Jaime Blatter and Celine Simmons, set up camp and began the arduous task of gathering rocks to be used in each crossing.
In the next three days, I had the pleasure of working with this lively, hard-working and diverse youth crew digging out large swaths of hard clay and meticulously fitting large rocks as tightly as possible into each swath while maintaining the original trail’s slope to ensure proper drainage. The kids worked hard, did not need much oversight and once they understood the concept and scope of work, they embraced the project and made it their own. By day four, the crew had installed four large, truly beautiful crossings; a project that would take several more seasons to complete without them.
DUST2 could not have hired a youth trail crew if it were not for the generosity of the LPEA Round Up Foundation grant award, and the SCC working with us to accommodate our limited budget. We are truly grateful for the investments each of these organizations has made in us, and are excited to show such a valuable return on those investments; returns that benefit all trail users in Pagosa Springs.


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