DUST2 Youth Cycling Team Begins

It’s been an action-packed week for the 12 young athletes who made up Pagosa Springs first ever non competitive youth cycling team mountain bike camp, running August 14 through August 18. Kids arrived every morning ready to learn and apply new bike skills; challenging and pushing comfort zones, gaining independence and learning how to be leaders all in the framework of a traditional team setting. For the DUST2 coaches, this week marked the culmination of long hours spent planning, fundraising, coordinating and even studying to make cycling available as an organized youth sport in Pagosa Springs.

The fall sessions, which start September 12 and run through October 11, will meet Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:45-6:00pm. This five week program will give your child the opportunity to work on bike skills, learn basic maintenance, and how to conduct themselves on the trail. The focus will be on a different skill each day, teaching students how to make good decisions while mountain biking, with one day dedicated to trail work to give back to Pagosa trails!

To register, apply for a scholarship, learn more or to support the work of DUST2, visit, http://www.dustx2.com


DUST2 launches Phase 2 Fundraiser

DUST2 would like to partner with the Archuleta County on Phase 2 as Reservoir Hill trails are a key component in the County’s Parks, Recreation, Open Spaces and Trails (PROST) master plan. Through the PROST application process, DUST2 has requested a 30% grant match from the County.

The PROST commission has recommended the DUST2 funding request to the Board Of County Commissioners (BOCC). In a preliminary meeting with the The BOCC, the BOCC asked that DUST2 raise funds and come back to renegotiate our funding request in September.

Below is a super sweet, information-packed Phase 2 fundraising package.

We are grateful for any and all support and will keep you updated on our progress!

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