Who We Are


We are a group of people who live and work in Pagosa Springs who are passionate about cycling, promoting active lifestyles and seeing Pagosa’s youth thrive by providing opportunities to embrace an active lifestyle.

We have recently merged with the Wolf Creek Wheel Club to increase capacity and avoid duplicating efforts.

We hired Yvonne Wilcox of the professional facilitation firm, Gainstroming to develop a 5-year strategic plan for the newly-minted DUST2 Wheel Club.

We are working hard on our goals and look forward to working with you as we build, grow and sustain a vibrant cycling community in Pagosa Springs!


Promoting an Active Biking Community in the Pagosa Springs Area through 
 Trail Development and Maintenance, Youth Cycling, and Advocacy.

Board of Directors:

DUST2 is excited to announce new board members for 2019-20, Kevin and Terry Daugherty, Anthony Doctor and Mat Degraaf.  We are grateful to have continued support from our great community as we work to make Pagosa a safer, more adventurous place to ride bikes!

Annie Sewell, President

Mat Degraaf, Vice President

Ron Houston, Secretary

Andy Guinn, Treasurer

Janine Emmets, Director of Teams

Carrie Wienckowski, Member

Terry Daugherty, Member

Kevin Daugherty, Member

Anthony Doctor, Member

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    1. Hi Loren,

      Thank you for contacting us! For this race we have two courses. The “Serious About Fun” (10mi)course has a lot of elevation gain and a steep down hill followed by a short hike-a-bike, but is rewarded by a sweet down hill finish. The “All About Fun” course (4.5mi) has a good climb followed by a flow, fun down hill. Both courses will be groomed and hopefully remain set up in the early morning, high elevation chill. I copied a link to our Eventbrite page for more info, or you can go to our Fat Bike Race tab on this website. If you have any more questions, Im happy to help! Annie


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